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...The HTML Document Summarizer (DS) is a powerful tool for those who deal with Search Engines, E-business, SEO, etc. It automatically generates the summary (complete overview of the page content). The summary provides a user with essential information on the requested topic. It eliminates the need to browse a large number of sites and pages, saves time, and ensures effective information processing...
...The Intellexer Document Summarizer processes any text files irrespective of their format, including: TXT (Plain text); HTML (Hypertext Markup Language); DOC (Microsoft Word); PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint); RTF (Rich Text Format); CHM (Windows Help file) documents. The Intellexer DS employs semantic and linguistic tools for analyzing and extracting the main meaning of the textual information...
...Try Online Demo at Document Summarizer Online Demo.

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  When dealing with patent databases, as a rule, it's extremely difficult to find patent documents on the same topic.  
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