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...The Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) provide the maximum of relevant visitors to the owners of the Internet portals. Success of your site optimization substantively depends on the following factors: a well-balanced structure of your project, easy and intuitive navigation, professionally prepared content, and, of course, top-class work of the advertising campaign. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes determination and estimation of rivals on the Internet; creation of the Semantic Core of the site: working on the site content, determination of the Keywords, processing the right links structure of your site and related sites; program code optimization; design works revision (if necessary); processing promotion: links exchange with related sites, registration of the site in the search engines, in the leading catalogues; specified additional measures...
...The Unique Semantic Tools integrated into the Intellexer provide an effective and precise Natural Language Processing (NLP) Search and Semantic Analysis within short time-limits.

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  When dealing with patent databases, as a rule, it's extremely difficult to find patent documents on the same topic.  
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